Project name: Maguga Dam
Client name: Komati Basin Water Authority
Location: Piggs Peak area with Hhohho Region

Project description

The construction of Maguga Dam was undertaken by the Maguga Dam Joint Venture (MDJV) comprising Consult 4 from South Africa, Lahmeyer and the Swazi Group of, which ZMCK is the major member.

The dam is the second initiative in a major development project by the Komati Basin Water Authority, the first being the Driekoppies Dam in the Mpumalanga region just outside Swaziland. As part of a bilateral agreement between Swaziland and South Africa and in conjunction with the Driekoppies Dam and the Komati River, land use and productivity of the people in the Komati River Basin will be increased through irrigated agriculture. The flow along the Komati River Basin will also be regulated to meet existing and future demands.

The dam embankment comprises approximately 800 000m3 of clay, 2 800 000m3 of granite rock and 43 000m3 of filter material. It has an overall height of 115 metres, a crest length of 870 metres and a base width of 400 metres.

Because the dam is located within a region influenced by cyclones, it has been designed to withstand a probable maximum flood of 15 000 cumecs. The 180 metre long labyrinth spillway is designed to pass a flood of 7 800 cumec without damage representing a return flood of 200 years.

The Maguga Dam received the South African Institution of Civil Engineering award for most outstanding civil engineering achievement in the International Category for 2001. The Maguga Dam Joint Venture received the South African Association of Consulting Engineers (SAACE) Glenrand MIB Golden Jubilee award in the Technical Excellence Category for 2002.

ZMCK responsibilities

The services provided include structural design of intake bridge and spillway bridge, approach roads, contract supervision of all aspects of the dam construction, administration support and contract administration. 


  • Building Structures
  • Construction Supervision
  • Community Water Supply
  • Dams
  • Detailed Designs
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Major Drainage Structures
  • Materials Investigation
  • River Bridges
  • Roads
  • Road Bridges
  • Road Condition Survery
  • Traffic Studies
  • Urban Development
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