Project name: Rehabilitation of Commercial and Mantsholo Roads
Client name: Municipal Council of Mbabane
Location: Mbabane, Hhohho Region

Project description

Commercial Road
Upgrading/rehabilitation of 480m of the main road in the CBD of Mbabane to 4-lane standard including kerbing, raised paved sidewalks on both sides, the widening of the existing bridge over the Mbabane River to the same geometric standards, the relocation and protection of water, sewer, electrical and communications services, improved access to and from the parking garage, an improved entrance to the Mall parking area, the reconstruction to 3-lane standard of 180m of Karlyn Centre Road all with an associated stormwater system and ancillary works, street lighting and traffic lights.

The road was designed to 60/km/h standard and has 4 x 3,4m wide through lanes with 2 x 1,5m wide sidewalks. The bridge was widened on both sides. The pavement consists of 30mm asphalt surfacing, 70mm asphalt basecourse, 300mm stabilized subbase (carried out in a specialized operation).

Mantsholo Road
Mantsholo Road is a collector road located alongside the Mbabane Golf Course. The project includes the upgrading/rehabilitation of 520m of Mantsholo Road, consisting of 2 x 3,5m wide through lanes and a raised paved sidewalk 1,5m wide on one side, together with appropriate surface and subsurface drainage. Two separate perennial watercourses converse into one at a large culvert crossing of the road. The one watercourse has had to be relocated parallel to the road as a gabion mattress-lined channel. Existing services, including water mains, sewers and communication cables, have had to be protected rather than relocated. An old 400mm diameter asbestos cement water main, running diagonally across the road over a length of over 100m, required special protection during construction. A 1 200mm diameter service duct across Pine Valley Road was included in the project for the future relocation of the same water main. Streetlights were also provided for in the project.

ZMCK responsibilities

The services provided include a topographical survey, road inventory, traffic survey, soils and materials investigation, pavement investigation, foundation investigation, bridge and drainage condition survey, comprehensive mitigation plan, detail design for roads, bridge, stormwater and street lighting, relocation and/or protection of services, tender documentation, cost estimation, tender evaluation, cost negotiations, contract management and administration, dealing with public complaints, construction supervision, claims adjudication, reports and as-built information.


  • Building Structures
  • Construction Supervision
  • Community Water Supply
  • Dams
  • Detailed Designs
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Major Drainage Structures
  • Materials Investigation
  • River Bridges
  • Roads
  • Road Bridges
  • Road Condition Survery
  • Traffic Studies
  • Urban Development
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